How SAS improve our daily life

Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) is a high-performance, versatile additive and processing aid, which is part of many innovative products currently marketed in Europe. SAS are white dry powders which are non-hazardous and used as additives in a wide variety of applications in key economic and strategic sectors.

From the automotive industry to renewable energy (e.g., batteries), construction insultation, from cosmetics, food & pharmaceuticals to paints & coatings, adhesives & sealant, including plastics and rubber, paper and packaging and several other industries whose finished products are used on a daily basis by millions of consumers.

Lower fuel consumption

Synthetic Amorphous Silica can reduce the rolling resistance of tyres. As such, it can lower fuel consumption up to 20%.

A battery separator in electric vehicles

SAS is used in battery separators, the microporosity of SAS make the electronic membranes semipermeable, needed for ion migration. The main application is automotive batteries.

Reducing wear and tear

Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) is used as reinforcing filler for many non-staining and coloured rubber and silicone products. Typical applications are footwear, conveyor belts, mats, seals, etc. The silica fillers impart improved wear resistance and physical properties such as tear and tensile characteristics. This allows the products to last longer.

Saving wood resources

Small amounts of SAS added to paper improve printability and opacity. This makes it possible to produce lower grammage paper grades with savings in wood resources. SAS is also used in specially coated paper grades for ink jet printing, copying etc.

Preventing water damage in packaged goods 

SAS function as a desiccant, in the form of bags of silica gel, they prevent damage from moisture.